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Helicobacter pylori is a bacteria that is commonly found in the stomach.   It can cause ulcers and chronic gastritis and increases your risk for gastric cancer.  The bacteria is most likely acquired from exposure to contaminated food/water and through person to person contact.  Approximately 20-30% of people are infected.  Fortunately, H. pylori can be diagnosed and treated successfully.

 The H. pylori urea breath test is a noninvasive and effective method for diagnosing H. pylori.  During the breath test, you will drink a solution containing urea, a nitrogen-containing organic compound.  If you are infected with H. pylori, we will be able to measure the breakdown products of urea in your breath.  If you are not infected, your body will be unable to break down the urea and you will excrete it through your urine.

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H. pylori preparation - ENGLISH

H. pylori preparation - SPANISH


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